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  • printing on surfaces (at T.K.B.M. up to the 35 x 45 cm) which are not suitable for direct printing
  • they do not effect the structure of a material
  • high resolution, sharper lines


Transfers are products of the transfer printing. A desired motive is first impressed on a paper and only later through temperature transfer “ironed” on a product. For printing on paper various techniques are used: we distinguish between offset, silk screen and digital transfers. There are also the so called cut transfers made from foil and canvas at our disposal.

Although the process of printing and “ironing” of transfers is a bit slower than the digital printing, this double process sometimes proves as advantageous because we can start preparing the transfers even before you deliver us your product.

Transfers are transferred on products made from natural and artificial fabrics.

Bags and rucksacks


Textile products of different kinds and sizes can be quickly and impressively printed with transfers.


The strong covering of tranfers makes it possible to print over the seams as well.


Transfers enable an extensive freedom of creation and are noticed in almost every environment.


With a transfer of good quality even bigger motives can defy weather-and- time wear and tear.


Since they are in a favourable price range and can be prepared beforehand, transfers are indispensable with all kinds of promotion products.

Sports clothing

Transfers are suitable also for some more elastic products like track suits, etc.

Clothing for work and uniforms

Durability of water transfers comes is useful also with the most heavily-worn clothes because washing at high temperatures cannot harm them.


Other products


Transfers can be used for many other products not only textile ones.


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