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  • possibility of print on biggers surfaces - up to the b1 format
  • intensity of colours that can be achieved by stronger layers
  • adaptability of diverse surfaces and materials
  • special effects, e.g. reflected printing and light transmitting colours


With this technique we do not “press” the colour onto the surface but lay it through a fine porous tissue (sieve) working like a stencil. With the degree of porosity we define the resolution, with successive layering of colours we produce multicoloured motives.

Silk screen printing is mostly used with colour printing on sheets, from which a certain product is made afterwards, but it also allows for printing products of non-standard shapes and sizes.


We can print on plastic, glass, metal, artificial fabrics, wood, leather, paper, foils, ...


Bicycle helmets

With silk screen printing on plastic or metal we can create motives that after the printing on a flat surface of a sheet subsequently “adapt” to the shape of a product.

Bags, anoraks, umbrellas, …

With direct silk screen printing, products with surfaces of various sizes can quickly and satisfactorily be printed.


Vivid colours are an assurance that stickers of all kinds and sizes become an efficient carrier of your message.

Graphic arts

The quality of the silk screen printing also makes it possible to reproduce works of art.

Other products

Due to its adaptability, silk screen printing is suitable for a wide range of products and materials.


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