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  • very high resolution even with the most intricate printed matter
  • great speed of printing in all formats
  • price reduction at high editions


Offset printing is the carthorse of printing. Owing to its speed and quality of printed image, it has become our most frequent companion in everyday life.
The term offset comes from the very process where a motive is printed indirectly via two cylinders. The first cylinder with a matrix transfers the inked motive onto the other, offset cylinder, which then prints the motive on a surface. The combination of water and colour is of essential importance.
Because offset colours are water repellent, it is possible to very exactly define the borders of the printed image with the aid of water on chemically treated matrices. The result is a crystal precision and sharpness of motives, which remains to be a criterion for other types of printing. The term “offset quality” is the standard for highest quality in printing.
In the offset procedure no high temperatures are involved, therefore we can print on a wide selection of materials of various qualites and make diverse products.
It can be used for printing on paper.


Letters, envelopes, folders, ...




Booklets, leaflets, ...

Books, magazines, catalogues, ...

The high separability and quality of the offset printing are indispensable with demanding, richly illustrated printed matter. Offset printing of good quality used on sheets of paper does not leave stains and black fingers that we know so well from the industrial rotary offset printing.

Boxes, bags, fascicles, ...


Vivid motives and exact details are an assurance that your message will be noticed.

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