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»When something more is needed!«

Printing is a complex procedure liable to changes and progress through new technologies and creativity of our printing foremen.

In the general wide circulation of printed products, an effective delivery of printed messages gets more and more difficult, whereas stepping out of the mass is of key importance for the success of almost every enterprise.

At the T.K.B.M. printing house we continuously dedicate our time and resources for the development of new printing methods, thus giving your designers ever bigger freedom of expression.

Below you can see some examples of unusual types of printing on textile fabrics.

Raised printing with a 3D effect

This type of printing allows for exposing the key elements of your message and for a more realistic representation of a motive. Dramatic effects thus obtained are a guarantee that your company will be even more visible.


Raised printing with sharp edges

The 3D effect with sharp edges is obtained with the thicklayering sieve – the thicker the sieve, the more raised is print while the edges remain sharp. The 3D effect ensures that the printed matter really “catches the eye”.

Varnish effect

Varnish effect gives the appearance of glass, gel or water. Creative possibilities thus obtained are restricted only by too little imagination.

Phosporescent print

Phosporescent print emits light in darkness and enables an additional expression in circumstances where light is weak (discotheques, night clubs). It can be used with all prints done with bright colours, also in combination with raised printing.

Gloss effect

Gloss effect can give an appearance of various shiny and metallic surfaces. Your message will truly flare up.

Reflection print

It gives an appearance of a light reflection similar as in traffic signs and number plates. Beside better visibility it adds to security in traffic.

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