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»You could always find an appropriate answer for my requests. To my opinion this is the best recommendation, especially after one has been brushed-off by other printing houses saying one’s demands are unfeasible.«
Nataša Andlovec, SVEMA CO d.o.o.


»Our customers like the merchandising we produce with your help: idea, design, quality, let's give you a score of 90/100
The services & quality: 90/100
The prices are OK, but of course if we can get a discount here or there, that would be usefull, for example: 
polo shirts, male and female, the prices for some of them are pretty high, according to me, but in general: 70/100
You are reliable: 90/100
Most of our requests are solved out on time: 90/100
Solutions and advices are OK when needed, 80/100«
Marianna, Texaco, Chevron Belgium, NV


»It is a real pleasure to work with a printer, who responds in a positive manner in every situation – even when it proves to be quite tough.«
Miha, Agencija 41 marketinške storitve, d.o.o.


»Very flexible and ready to find the best solution possible.«
Helena Korenčan, Ribon d.o.o.


»You are brilliant! You stick to the deadlines and fulfill all the wishes even when they seem completely unrealizable at first sight.«
Tanja Maček, GV Založba d.o.o.


»I have worked with you for eight years. Throughout this time I’ve remained your highly satisfied customer. You are up-to-date, with fair prices; and above all, you are friendly.«
Carmen Levovnik Drnasin, Porsche Inter Auto d.o.o.


»You arouse interest due tu your up-to-date technology.«
Darko Stepančič, Primorske novice ČZD d.o.o.


»Ever since I’ve been working at the DM, I’ve never had bad experiences with you. You are dependable, friendly, with fair prices and good quality. In short, I have no complaints.«
Suzana Popržen, DM – Drogerie Markt d.o.o.


»I have confidence in you – you are flexible and efficient.«
Andrej Pogačnik, NLB Leasing d.o.o.


»I am satisfied with everyone from your company with whom I have cooperated. They always stick to all agreements, deadlines and quality. They give their best also when they have to be quick about it.«
Kostja Prihoda, Porsche Inter Auto d.o.o.


»You are a printer who has solid quality and is dependable.«
Metka Flerin, UMco d.d.


»In our business almost all kinds of graphic services are needed. It is highly valuable for us to have a partner able to fulfill these needs!«
Eva Jelnikar - Mrak, Axis Mundi d.o.o.


»As far as our experiences with you are concerned, we can affirm that you are thrustworthy and professional. Keep going!«
Mojca Černigoj, Randi Trend d.o.o.


»The printing team with whom I work deserve the highest rating.«
Darko Horvat, Wrigley d.o.o.


»Great, taking into account that we usually do smaller issues with you and within a very short time, your response and accuracy are more than excellent.«
Mojca Erjavec, Sika d.o.o.


»Unselfish! You have patience with a demanding customer!«
Katja, Studio Arkadena d.o.o.


»A good price for bigger quantitites, beside respected deadlines.«
Andrej Hvalica, Eurotrade Commerce d.o.o.


»I know the work will be done as per agreement and I can with ease confirm the fixed date of a product completion to our customers.«
Nataša Černe, UMco d.d.


»Agreements and the realization of the work itself are quick and undisturbed. First-class!«
Sanja Cvijanovič, Bolton Adriatic d.o.o.


»You are a very reliable company and this is reflected in your response, offer and quality of service. Furthermore, your friendly staff are worthy of all praise.«
Dragica Boldin, Energo Plus d.o.o.


»You are a professional team with clear objectives and a positive footing with your partners.«
Boštjan Čelofiga, Hypo Leasing d.o.o.


»To my opinion your response and willingness to meet our expectations within a shortest time is simply top level. For this reason we always choose your house.«
Lea Potočnik, Makro 5 Trading d.o.o.


»You are good at your business, responsive and always there to recommend new solutions.«
Luka Kenda, Soline pridelava soli d.o.o.


»I appreciate precision – I can trust you to do it well. I hope you will proceed this way!«
Petra Wagner, UMco, d.d.


»You always meet my wishes. I am also glad that you are so cooperative when I am pressed for time.«
Boštjan Vidic, Vetpet d.o.o.


»You are a great team – professional and performing.«
Andreja Remih, Petrol d.d.